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ICT Newsletter – January 2012

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Latest News on the Future of ICT

In a speech at the BETT2012 show in London Education Secretary Michael Gove set out his intentions for ICT in schools. The press made much of what was said both at BETT and in a DfE statement. Here we bring you the facts based on the briefing provided to subject and trade associations.

The key points are:

  • ICT will remain compulsory at all key stages and will be taught at every stage of the curriculum.
  • The current programmes of study for ICT, including the attainment targets, will not apply from September 2012 (subject to consultation).
  • Schools are free to innovate and to use their creativity to teach ICT in ways that really meet the needs of their pupils and to adopt a range of effective practices.
  • For KS4 industry will be involved in the development of new Computer Science GCSE courses.
  • Schools will remain accountable for meeting the needs of their pupils with regard to ICT through the OFSTED inspection process.
  • The position of ICT usage throughout the curriculum is to be strengthened.
  • The development of new courses at all levels should include a greater emphasis on ICT systems and programming i.e. 21st century technology related knowledge and skills to fit them for the workplace.
  • New schemes of work must be flexible and able to adapt to changing technology.
  • Despite headlines this is NOT about computer science for all though aspects of CS will need to be covered in modern schemes of work at appropriate levels.

The full text of the speech and DfE announcements can be found at:

BETT speech:

DfE statements:

Digital Technology in Schools:

Naace (The ICT Association) Launch Draft KS3 ICT Curriculum

Naace Fellows Paul Heinrich and Allison Allen have been working on proposals for a modern ICT curriculum for ICT since summer 2011

Naace proposes a curriculum that ensures that learners have a sound knowledge of:

  • Technical aspects of ICT and computing
  • Core applications and how to use them effectively
  • Safety, security and the law
  • Business aspects of ICT
  • Digital literacy and personal use of ICT.

A consultation draft has now been published on the Naace website at .

Work has also begun on a new curriculum for key stages 1 and 2. More details later.

New UK Safer Internet Centre resource for Foundation Stage and KS1

The Early Surfers’ Zone, which is now live within the “I work with Kids” section of Childnet International’s Kidsmart website.

The Early Surfers’ Zone is designed for the parents and carers and educators of 3-7 year olds, to help introduce young children to the idea of internet safety, in an age-appropriate, fun and engaging way. The site introduces the character of Smartie the Penguin, who learns to be safe online, by asking his family for help whenever anything happens to make him feel upset, confused or worried.

The resources include a new printable E-book, accompanying questions for discussion (for parents / carers / school staff who are reading the story), a lesson plan with relevant curriculum links, and subsequent follow-up activity ideas for children to complete at home. There is also an art gallery for children to submit their posters and creative work.

The new resources can be found at the following page: which is the “I work with Kids” homepage, where you now have the chance to select resources for Foundation Stage and KS1 children, or alternatively Key Stage 2 children. is the link that will take you directly to the new site.

New Reports and Debates on the Future of ICT

Readers may be interested in the following reports published in recent weeks:
ALT and Naace have launched a debate on implications of new technology developments for schools in England. Details and forum at

The Royal Society published their report Computing in Schools on 13th January. A summary can be found at and the full report downloaded from:

Computing at School (CAS) and the BCS recently launched curriculum proposals at .


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